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Association des Marins Radios
AIRMAIL est un programme informatique qui permet d’envoyer et de recevoir des e-mail par radio HF/VHF/UHF en utilisant un modulateur/démodulateur PACTOR sur les réseaux radio-amateurs et professionels de la Marine commerciale.
Airmail is a messaging program (similar to Outlook) specifically designed for connection to a HF radio mailbox station. Once connected to a compatible station, message transfer is completely automatic. On the ham bands, Airmail can transfer messages automatically with any station supporting the BBS or F6FBB protocols, such as Winlink-2000 (www.winlink.org), Winlink, F6FBB and MSYS and other Airmail stations. Airmail is also used as the client program by the SailMail marine system and other participating systems. A "dumb terminal" mode is also provided but ordinary QSO's are not the program's forte. Airmail is a 32-bit program which runs under Windows-95, 98, NT, 2000 or XP. Airmail supports the SCS PTC-II and PTC-IIe Pactor-2 modems as well as the original PTC Pactor modem, the Kantronics KAM+ and KAM-98, AEA/Timewave PK-232, PK-900, DSP-1232 and 2232, the MFJ 1276 and 1278B, and the HAL DXP-38 Clover/Pactor modem. (Sound cards are not supported). Airmail is a program developed specifically for sending messages via HF radio and optimized for low-speed links, not an adaptation of an ordinary email. Airmail is written and supported by Jim Corenman, a cruising sailor who developed the program in an environment that rewarded efficient wireless communications- far from wired Internet connections. AirMail is licensed without charge to the amateur radio community and is dedicated to the many sysops who have donated generously of their time and equipment to make the digital ham radio network a reality. Airmail can also be used with other participating systems. Airmail is not “freeware” and may not be used for other applications without permission; send an email to Airmail Support (Subject:“Airmail”) for more information.
ICOM M-802 / AT-140 System++ "The Works" - Radio E-mail system in a box Includes M802 radio, (2) MB-75 flush mounting brackets, AT140 automatic antenna tuner, OPC-1147N tuner control/power cable (10 meters long), our custom AT140 Double-shielded coax cable (10 meters long), coaxial cable line isolator and ferrite beads installed as recommended for e-mail operation. Includes DSC Watch Antenna kit. Also includes SCS PactorII-usb modem upgraded to PactorIII, Modem software, cable and support package, 20' GTO-15 and our recommended ground system of (2) 3" x 12" x 3/8" sintered bronze plates, ground plate connection kit and one roll of 3" x 25' x .010 copper strap. System is bench tested, custom programmed. All cables are terminated and ready to connect to M802...
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